This is merely my digital self. 


Hello! my name is Montserrat.

I'm a Mexican photographer passionate for cinematography, technology, doing research, animals, traveling and listening to David Bowie, Rodriguez, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac  (among so so many others. I also like classical music and other genres. But mostly blues, soft, folk rock and rock and roll.) I also love everything about the 80's and I love science fiction stories that involve time travel or going into different dimensions and versions of ourselves. I love Quentin Tarantino movies a lot and I'm a Star Wars fan. My favorite t.v shows so far are Friends, The O.A, Breaking Bad, The Office, and Modern Family.

I really like art and find inspiration there. Specially from the Classicism, Renaissance and Romanticism. 

I also enjoy Minimalism in everything and one line drawings. I enjoy my morning coffee as if it was the first time I ever tried it, I have an extreme weakness for chocolate and Italian food, I love writing essays and research articles, yoga, fashion photography, going for long walks, reading and going to new places.

For me it is all about creating really good experiences, having connection with your surroundings and the people you meet as well as enjoying the little moments. 

I guess this is not the common way to introduce one self and might all sound like random facts... maybe they are.  But I hope these things help you get to know a little piece of myself and hopefully find something that clicks with you...

I would love to capture your story and give you tangible memories that will hopefully last for many generations to come.